"I think the best way to understand the unique ladies who find the treasures -- go in. Take the time to meet them. Tell them what you are looking for and they keep your requests in mind as they shop. I appreciate their energy and positive outlook. They also have great stories about the adventures that led them to the items they bring into the store."


"Great product selection! Excellent customer service and so much more!! Please support their business, they are a gem"

"I would prefer to keep this place a secret but that would not be good for their business, lol. Excellent customer service and inventory."

Just popped in yesterday for a first time visit and left with lamps and chairs and books and a flamingo! This place is an absolute dream, and the owners are SO nice and helpful! This will be my new favorite place for all my furniture and decor needs!

"Amazing pieces on the floor, chosen by keen eyes and displayed by creative minds! Reasonable prices, unique pieces, and friendly and helpful ladies. Thank you, Amber and Veronica for all your efforts to find just the right pieces for your clientele! It's been a challenge for both my husband and me to agree on furniture styles, but New Vision has such fabulous high-quality, classic pieces that it's easy for hubby and I to agree. Will be back!"

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